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Definition of africana

"africana" is probably misspelled. Trying African instead Definition of African

1. African [ a ] of or relating to the nations of Africa or their peoples
Examples: "African languages"

Used in print:

(Clifford H. Pope, The Giant Snakes....)

The African rock_python , a close second , is followed in_turn by the reticulate python .

the anaconda reaches a length of at_least 37 feet , the reticulate python 33 , the African rock_python 25 , the amethystine_python at_least 22 , the Indian_python 20 , and the boa_constrictor 18 - 1_2 .

(W. E. B. DuBois, Worlds of Color....)

And_then the Amen_corner took_hold , re-enacting a form of group_participation in worship that stemmed from years before the Greek_chorus , spreading down through the African forest , overseas to the West_Indies , and then here in Alabama .

(S. J. Perelman, The Rising Gorge. New York:...)

From the curio cabinet on its south wall and the bureaus beneath , you abstracted seventeen ivory , metal , wood , and stone sculptures of Oriental and African origin , two snuffboxes , and a jade handled magnifying_glass .

Synonyms African Related Terms Africa

2. African [ n ] a native or inhabitant of Africa

Synonyms African Related Terms person Ethiopian Sudanese Beninese Angolan Algerian Egyptian Burundian Cameroonian Carthaginian Chadian Chewa Basotho Namibian Sierra_Leonean South_African Gabonese Kenyan Liberian Libyan Madagascan Malawian Malian Mauritanian Moroccan Mozambican Nigerian Congolese Nigerien Senegalese Djiboutian Somali Bantu Eurafrican Swazi Tanzanian Togolese Tuareg Tunisian Ugandan Gambian Ghanian Guinean Rwandan Sierra_Leonian Somalian Zairese Zambian Zimbabwean Zulu ewe fellata Nubian Black_African

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