1. [ verb ] have an effect upon
Synonyms: touch bear_on bear_upon touch_on impact

"Will the new rules affect me?"

Related terms: change hit process influence subject trouble stimulate color queer subject tell_on hydrolize strike_a_blow repercuss redound slam-dunk impact
2. [ verb ] act physically on; have an effect upon
Related terms: change relax stimulate tense relax jaundice register ulcerate sedate intoxicate attack
3. [ verb ] make believe with the intent to deceive
Synonyms: pretend feign dissemble sham

"He feigned that he was ill" "He shammed a headache"

Related terms: misrepresent mouth play_possum waffle take_a_dive make hypocrite imposter pretense pretense malingerer
4. [ verb ] connect closely and often incriminatingly
Synonyms: involve regard

"This new ruling affects your business"

Related terms: refer implicate respect
5. [ noun ] the conscious subjective aspect of feeling or emotion
Related terms: feeling
6. [ verb ] have an emotional or cognitive impact upon
Synonyms: strike impress move

"This child impressed me as unusually mature" "This behavior struck me as odd"

Related terms: surprise disturb impress impress touch move hit_home sweep_away sadden awaken pierce strike_dumb zap cloud engrave infect smite jar hit motivate feel
Similar spelling:   affected