1. [ pronoun ] preposition, from the exterior the interior to the exterior in a countinuous path
Synonyms: through
2. [ adverb ] to the opposite side

"the football field was 300 feet across"

3. [ adverb ] in such a manner as to be understood and accepted
Synonyms: over

"she cannot get her ideas across"

4. [ adverb ] transversely
Synonyms: crossways crosswise

"the marble slabs were cut across"

5. [ pronoun ] preposition, in or toward the other side in a countinuous path
Synonyms: on_the_other_side_of over beyond
6. [ adjective ] placed crosswise
Synonyms: crossed

"spoken with a straight face but crossed fingers" "crossed forks" "seated with arms across"

Related terms: uncrossed decussate cross-town
Similar spelling:   acerose