1. [ noun ] the act of contracting or assuming or acquiring possession of something

"the acquisition of wealth" "the acquisition of one company by another"

Related terms: acquiring purchase procurement restitution inheritance assumption moneymaking pork-barreling incurring repossession buyout annexation inheritance succession acceptance get
2. [ noun ] something acquired

"a recent acquisition by the museum"

Related terms: transferred_property gift purchase accession
3. [ noun ] (psychology,education) the cognitive process of acquiring skill or knowledge
Synonyms: learning

"the child's acquisition of language"

Related terms: basic_cognitive_process study education conditioning transfer memorization language_learning imprinting developmental_learning extinction internalization digestion learn
4. [ noun ] an ability that has been acquired by training
Synonyms: skill attainment acquirement accomplishment
Related terms: ability salesmanship marksmanship horsemanship soldiering craft seamanship oarsmanship swordsmanship showmanship literacy airmanship numeracy learn
Similar spelling:   accusation