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Definition of accuratly

"accuratly" is probably misspelled. Trying accurately instead Definition of accurately

1. accurately [ r ] with few mistakes
Examples: "he works very accurately"

Used in print:

(Nathan Rapport, ""I've Been Here before!"...)

One day Maeterlinck , coming with a friend upon an event which he recognized as the exact pattern of a previous dream , detailed the ensuing occurrences in_advance so accurately that his companion was completely mystified .

(S. J. Perelman, The Rising Gorge. New York:...)

All this , though , is simply a prelude , a curtain-raiser , for what ensues , and I doubt whether any Occidental could accurately forecast it .

Synonyms accurately Related Terms inaccurately accurate accurate

2. accurately [ r ] strictly correctly
Examples: "repeated the order accurately"

Used in print:


So escalation proceeds , ad_infinitum or , more accurately , until the contestants begin dropping them on each other instead_of on their respective proving_grounds .

(Organic Gardening and Farming,...)

They were put on control diets to determine as accurately as possible , the normal cholesterol level of their blood .

Synonyms accurately Related Terms accurate accurate

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