1. [ noun ] (medicine,surgery) surgical removal of a body part or tissue
Synonyms: cutting_out excision extirpation
Related terms: operation adenoidectomy adrenalectomy lithotomy embolectomy mastoidectomy laminectomy cholecystectomy pneumonectomy lobectomy lumpectomy mastectomy meniscectomy hysterectomy nephrectomy neurectomy oophorectomy laryngectomy appendectomy prostatectomy salpingectomy sigmoidectomy splenectomy stapedectomy sympathectomy thrombectomy thyroidectomy tonsillectomy vasectomy vulvectomy ennervation hypophysectomy oophorosalpingectomy ophthalmectomy pancreatectomy clitoridectomy endarterectomy orchidectomy excise
2. [ noun ] (geology) the erosive process that reduces the size of glaciers
Related terms: erosion ablate
Similar spelling:   abolition